Advertising That Works

Listing your businesses on high ranking, high traffic websites is the best way to spend your money online. By being at the top of search engines, helps your business attract more customers. A listing on also helps your business move up in the search results. Sign up for the “Paid” account and we’ll show you exactly how to track your investment.

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A free listing allows you to:

  • show one photo

  • show your business' physical address, phone number
  • show a short description.

A paid listing ($60/year) allows you to:

  • show your listing above all other businesses

  • show as many photos and information as you want

  • be featured on the home page and sidebar of all the pages

  • add specials, promotions and events.

  • link to your website

  • use your page to boost your website's search engine position

Once you sign up, we will send you instructions on making a payment.

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