Top reasons to live in Granada

I recently asked 10 expats for their top reasons for living in Granada. Here’s what they said. Be sure to leave a comment below and tells us your reasons for living in Granada.

– “You’re living in a place rich in history, culture and that has a great climate”

– “People are wonderful and friendly. Great community.”

– “It’s very inexpensive to live here”

– “It’s a great community. Everything is nearby and you don’t need a car”

– “It’s cheap”

– “Lots to do within a short distance. You have Mombacho, Masaya, Catarina and the isletas”

– “Good healthcare. Good dental care. Good doctors”

– “Great expat community”

– “I’m always connected, cable and internet”

– “Lots of volunteer opportunities”

– “It’s great to be able to come into town and know all the expat community”

– “Surging art scene, great food great entertainment”

– “Lots of great business opportunities”

– “Great place to invest”

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