Newest Businesses in Granada Nicaragua

Rugby comes to Granada

This past weekend rugby players from all over Central America gathered in Granada for a day of Rugby. Men and women’s teams played as people cheered. Here are a couple of photos from the days events. The event was put on by Granada Sevens.

Video of a carriage ride near Parque Central

Poetry Festival kicks off

This year’s poetry festival kicks off tonight. Here are a few photos from opening night.


Top three places to take pictures

Here’s a list of 3 great spots for taking pictures.


Tour of the Isletas

I recently went on a tour of the isletas courtesy of a good friend of mine, Ramon Parra of No Rush Tours. Here are a few pictures of the adventure.


Top reasons to live in Granada

In a recent poll, we asked expats what their top reasons for living in Granada were. Here’s what they said…


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