Casa Nica Spanish School

Spanish class at Casa Nica
Address: Cuiscoma Street. From Kelly’s Bar 2 Blocks South and 1/2 Block East
Phone: (+505) 8888-6567
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Learn Spanish with the best Granadino Spanish Teachers available with more than 13 years of experience!

Our teachers are all native speakers and have a university degree and many years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreign language students from absolute beginners to advanced! The dynamic staff make learning a fun and memorable experience!

We combine a professional environment with friendship familiarizing you with the social, political, and cultural realities of Nicaragua.

Casa Nica offers you:
1- Spanish Lessons One on One
2- Classes for all levels
3- Flexibility to fit your schedule
4-Private room and meals with friendly Granada families available!
5- Fun, Cultural, and Educational Activities and Excursions
6- Free Afternoon Dancing Classes
7-Classes in Nicaraguan Cooking!
8- Guided Eco-Excursions
9-Spanish Lessons on-line
10- We help to find you Volunteer opportunities!
11- We offer convenient transportation to Managua, San Juan del Sur, León, etc.

Visit our School soon to arrange a Free Spanish Lesson!

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