Casa de los Tres Mundos

Address: Antigua Casa de Los Leones
Phone: (+505) 2552-4176
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The foundation “Casa de los Tres Mundos” is an institution created to initiate, support and promote cultural projects in Nicaragua and Central America. Besides these artistic, musical and educational activities, which emphasize support for the poorer segments of Nicaraguan society, the foundation finances and coordinates an integrative rural development project in Malacatoya.

The founders of the Casa de los Tres Mundos have built up the foundation based on the conviction that development aid should not only concentrate on economic aspects, because the causes of underdevelopment and poverty are not entirely confined to material needs. Only by combining material, educational and cultural elements can a development program be effective in the long term and support sustained prosperity.

Furthermore, the foundation is essentially concerned with promoting a cultural exchange between the European tradition and the rich artistic potential of Central America. Being an international cultural center, the Casa de los Tres Mundos rejects the idea of forcing imported cultural elements on a Third World country. Instead, it aims to serve as a connection between these traditions, and by mutual enrichment to promote awareness of the diverse cultural roots of the country. The foundation intends to mobilize the creative potential of the local people, to rediscover buried cultural heritage and to help a young nation search for a unique identity.

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