Carita Feliz

Address: From Hotel Gran Francia, walk down Calle Caimito which becomes Calle San Juan del Sur. Fifth street on the right, opposite Panaderia San Juan del Sur.
Phone: +505 552 7979
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The mission of Carita Feliz is to deliver whatever services to the local community that there is sufficient demand for and where it can be done in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. We are always trying to find new and innovative ways to give more back to the people who invest time and energy in coming to the center. Our suggestions box is always full and opened weekly – we’re never short of ideas, just people to turn them into a reality.

Specifically, the center meets 4 primary needs of the local community:

The need for adequate food to have the physical ability to learn and work;

The need for relevant education and skills to be able to progress in life;

The need for satisfying, fair and independent work to earn for their families;

The need to gain self-confidence, independence, responsibility and ambition.

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